Minipack MVS 45X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

The Minipack MVS 45X chamber sealer is an industrial-level vacuum sealer designed to packaging food and non-food products alike. It is commonly used for packaging fish, beef, chicken, fruits, vegetables, powders, liquids and much more. The large 18.5″ x 16″ x 4.5″ chamber allows plenty of room for packaging a variety of products. Using this machine is very simple and automated compared to other similar machines with complicated dials and settings. Simply set the amount of air you want removed, sealing time, place your product in the chamber, close the lid and the machine does the rest. This machine is made in Italy and features an extremely durable construction, which is much better than the flimsy sheet metal found in other machines. The basin is seamless, making it easy to clean and there is no need to worry about junk and bacteria getting caught in the cracks. Auto calibration keeps everything running smoothly. While the chamber height is 4.5″ at the lowest spot, the top part of the dome is 8.5″ high.