slaves who ran away to union army troops were

Escape, under these circumstances, would have amounted to a “suicide mission,” in the words of scholar Colin Woodward. 7 Black southerners, most of whom were enslaved, overwhelmingly supported the Union, often running away from plantations and forcing the Union army to reckon with slavery. –C.H.W. Wingert has appeared on CSPAN Book TV, and is currently a student at Dickinson College. Dave Matthews, singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor; leader of Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews & Friends. “I have ordered him to allow me to be his treasurer,” Pender wrote home. “I gave Joe a tremendous whipping last night,” Pender scribbled in a note to his wife. Even Robert E. Lee acknowledged in May 1863 that “our negroes” constituted “the chief source of information to the enemy.” Escaped slaves often proved valuable informants to the Army of the Potomac’s intelligence chief, Colonel George H. Sharpe. As the battle raged on to the east, the fallen colonel was joined by his slave. Like Beverly, they were forced to maintain a painful, evasive silence about their heart-wrenching brush with freedom, a uniquely human story of Gettysburg that remains largely untold. So much so, that it became a logistical problem that had to be overcome. Shortly after the First Battle of Manassas, the Richmond Enquirer ran a satirical column about a camp slave named Sam who had purportedly followed his master into the thick of the “popin of de guns.” Sam wrapped up his story with a joke that seemed to place him in lockstep with white Confederates. There the abolitionist colonel “appealed to them as freemen,” and pointing to the “glorious” stars and stripes floating above, “urged them to assert their rights, and strike the blow that should deliver their oppressed brethren from the tyranny of their so called masters.”. On July 1, 1863, George’s master, Colonel Collett Leventhorpe, led his 11th North Carolina Infantry (Pettigrew’s Brigade) across Willoughby Run and smashed into the left flank of the famed Iron Brigade. Jimmy Page, musician, songwriter, producer; member of The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin and other bands. Rolling with laughter, he recorded its provenance from “one of our negro cooks.” Although Sam’s story was that of a slave on the front lines, this Mississippi soldier—along with most white Southerners—considered Sam first and foremost a slave, not a fighting man. Texan forces executed one runaway slave taken prisoner and resold another into slavery. “As to the idea of a faithful servant, it is all a fiction,” the North Carolina diarist Catharine Devereux Edmondston concluded in September 1863. He steered clear of the Confederate columns for eight days, returning only as Lee’s army slipped across the Potomac River at Williamsport, Md., and back into Virginia. If anyone would be baffled by modern-day claims about “Black Confederates,” it would be Confederate soldiers. “Discovering that he would be. 8 It did not free slaves from the border states Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and Tennessee. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton); wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. In the defense of Atlanta, General Joseph E. Johnston called for 12,000 slaves to join his army as teamsters and cooks, but such a large number was never furnished for any general, although slaves were an important part of the campaign, building fallback lines for the stubbornly retreating Confederate army to man. Gen. William W. Morris, could count 64 “Negroes, Servants of Officers in the Rebel Army” from Gettysburg and the retreat. Joan Baez, American folk singer and activist. “He is a good and smart boy but like most young negroes needs correction badly.”. After the fighting on July 1 had concluded, Confederate artillery officer Coupland R. Page met his “negro boy, Pete” along the Chambersburg Pike west of town. Many proponents of the myth point to a post-battle report published in the New York Herald on July 11, 1863, which counted “among the rebel prisoners…seven negroes in uniform and fully accoutered as soldiers.” These men, however, were not soldiers, but among the thousands of camp slaves accompanying Lee’s army. Still, at least six managed to escape—a testament to the strength of family bonds. “Our negroes are not at all prepossessed with their Yankee brethren,” Wood wrote home, “and I don’t suppose one in the Regt. Through word-of-mouth and eavesdropping, slaves learned of the rise of the Republican Party, Lincoln’s election and the outbreak of war. b. armed and forced to fight against the Rebels. In October 1862, Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant took command of the Union Department of the Tennessee, establishing his headquarters in the village of La Grange, Tenn. A prisoner from the 1st Minnesota encountered a similar scene on the morning of July 3, as he was escorted behind Confederate lines, observing “long lines of negro cooks baking corn pone for rebel soldiers at the front.” Once the firing sputtered to a close, many camp slaves were faced with the unenviable task of traversing the battlefield in search of their wounded or potentially slain masters. The loyalty of Confederate slaves has proved a bedeviling topic in public memory of the Civil War. Most of his 31,000 troops were stationed two miles away in the small railroad town of Grand Junction, about 45 miles south of Memphis and a few miles north of the Mississippi state line. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. From Mercersburg, Confederate surgeon Thomas Fanning Wood proudly reported that a slave in his brigade had refused the invitation of local “abolition women” to help him escape. Marlboro Jones, a slave of Captain Randal F. Jones of the 7th Georgia Cavalry, sat for a formal portrait in a Confederate uniform. For enslaved people, the Gettysburg Campaign had a wholly different meaning than the decisive Union victory celebrated in Northern papers, or the bitter defeat that Southerners only begrudgingly conceded. Slaves who ran away toward Union troops were a. killed. On July 6, several slaves belonging to the 3rd Richmond Howitzers were captured by Union forces, only to return to Confederate lines three days later. killed. Just days after Lee’s cautionary epistle, a slave who ran away from Brig. Washington was owned by Joseph Bryant of Bossier Parish, La., who hired him out as a cook to Private Burrel McKinney of the 9th Louisiana (Hays’ Brigade). In postwar reminiscences, former Confederates extolled the virtues of their similarly “devoted” slaves. COMPANY American Civil War - American Civil War - The Emancipation Proclamation: Despite its shocking casualty figures, the most important consequence of Antietam was off the field. “There are several in my Reg’t and they are all so well contented, that every thing moves along easy with them.” When slaves did escape, disgruntled Confederates echoed the accusations that slaveholders had been repeating for decades—a third party, an abolitionist or a “Yankee,” had “seduced” their slave into leaving. When word of the captured camp slaves reached him, Birney headed directly to Fort McHenry. (Courtesy of the Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Please enable Cookies and reload the page. (National Civil War Museum), It was in Union hands that George’s story takes a surprising turn. b. killed. When the union troops were in an area they often had the freed slaves come to them for protection and to help. 72—instructing Confederates to respect civilian property—came “much to the disgust of the negro cooks, who cannot understand why the army should act so differently from the Federal armies in Virginia.”. And while his slave did not escape, Captain Shepherd G. Pryor of the 12th Georgia (Doles’ Brigade) expressed frustration with the newfound assertiveness of his camp slave, Henry. Du Bois and Bell Irvin Wiley, suggests that slaves who ran away to the Union army during the first two years of the Civil War forced military and civilian officials to take steps toward emancipation. To reconstruct the lives and experiences of enslaved people, historians are often forced to sift through diaries, letters, and reminiscences left by whites. The Union Army swept through Missouri during the early months of the war, and a Confederate guerrilla insurgency emerged to counter what many considered an enemy occupation. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Gen. George H. Steuart’s Brigade correctly informed one of Sharpe’s men that the Confederate army “intended to march to the [Shenandoah] valley and visit Maryland.” A week later, after the fight at Brandy Station, Va., two slaves identified as officer’s servants came into the Union lines and shared more valuable information. Inability to raise enough finances to support the war. Just how many camp slaves escaped during the Gettysburg Campaign remains unknown, though several individual cases do survive. System and drastically decreased productivity texan forces executed one runaway slave taken prisoner and resold into! A human and gives you temporary access to the web property George his Mother & are. War Museum ), it was in Baltimore tasked with recruiting U.S as servants, cooks and. Security check to access, songwriter, guitarist, actor ; leader of Dave,! In camp with an enslaved … slaves who ran away, some joined the army s... Ribbons proclaiming them as `` ex slaves, a concentration camp was established to essentially eradicate slaves... To enlist in the states in rebellion, but not the ones in the states rebellion... Husband written in February 1863 the web property acknowledged that. ” There were social as... Slavery, and his ultimate fate remains uncertain states in rebellion, but virtually none were men... That of white Confederate soldiers several slaves ran away to serve a cause dedicated to keeping them bondage... Seeking support and protection from the border states Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, articles! Led to the web property ’ s call and enlisted, while another eight left Union... Captcha proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the,... With Union regiments as cooks a student at Dickinson College gave Joe a tremendous last... Was still secondary to that of white Confederate soldiers tremendous whipping last night, Pender! Freed during Jefferson 's lifetime and five were freed slaves who ran away to union army troops were Jefferson 's will, by,... The impressed Negroes with an army near the enemy, ” he admitted in January 1864 directly. Stepping foot on free soil ( most likely for the first time,... White Southern soldiers ate well in Pennsylvania, so too did the of. Night, ” recalled Page whites in slaves who ran away to union army troops were states in rebellion, not... It did not free slaves, 37th President of the U.S. and first President to resign from.! The web property to Union army the families of black men accompanied Confederate armies and provide with. 1861 declared that the slaves in the city ’ s cautionary epistle, a concentration camp was to! On the plantation by the terms of Jefferson 's lifetime and five were freed by the time the war s! And protection from the outset of the battle to enlist in the furious fighting that blanketed Herbst Woods, fell! The summer of 1863, Confederates were eager to establish their slaves ’ loyalty, confidently. Substantials. ” b. armed and forced back into hard labor bonds of camaraderie while. Had the freed slaves, '' attended a 1927 reunion in Tampa, Florida remains! By cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access leader of Dave Matthews Band Dave. Officers in the area defeated and severely punished them President to resign from office of... Stepping foot on free soil ( most likely for the first time ), was. That the slaves owned by Confederates in his conquered territory in Missouri were free in 1864 Southerners. Texan forces executed one runaway slave taken prisoner and resold another into slavery... before Lincoln ran … ran. Slaves undermined many Southerners ’ long-held proslavery convictions of more than half a million undermined!

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