KWS Electric Meat Slicer 6″

The KitchenWare Station MS-6N 6″ high quality stainless steel blade professional semi- automatic meat slicer is perfect for home use, caterers and chefs etc. MS-6N 6″ features a compact design, its overall dimensions is 15.2 (L) * 14.8 (W) *13 (H). This meat slicer feature 180 watts of motor power, it is perfect for slicing meats(recommended), vegetables, cheeses and fruits smoothly, quickly and effortlessly up to .4″ thick (0-10mm) with the numerical scale knob. MS-6N 6″ also has a built-in dual whetstones sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade, which is more convenient to keep a razor sharp edge on the blade, and safer to use. The slicer’s blade of KitchenWare Station MS-6N 6″ in red is constructed of high quality stainless steel; and the body of MS-6N 6″ is made of aluminum which are more durable and less likely to corrode. Other feature: • Skid proof rubber feet secure the slicer on the counter-top while slicing. • Creates a more consistent, even product. • On-off switch with waterproof cover • Easy to clean and maintenance • Fixed Device Handle for Pushing the Fixed Meat to Slice • Product Tray Dimension (inch) : 7.5 (L) X 5.5 (W) X 4.5 (H) • Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ