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Epic food blog is your ultimate source for creating memorable meals that are truly EPIC.  On this blog you will find the necessary skills to perform better in the kitchen, with tips and tricks that are usually kept a trade secret.

Here at EFB we pride ourselves in our skillset and knowledge developed throughout the years.  The proven recipes in this food blog have been tested over & over for consistency and ease for you… the reader.


I have dedicated my life to continually learning about food and mastering my craft as a Chef.  Whether it’s building teams from the ground up, or rubbing elbows with extremely talented Chefs in 3 Michelin starred restaurants.

Everything that has happened throughout my career has led me to write about food and my philosophy on cooking.

My goal with this blog is to get you inspired and excited about becoming a better cook!

I find my inspiration with food through finding the best products available and constantly reading about fellow Chefs I admire.

To me, cooking is all about respecting the ingredient, and finding various ways to make it shine … while having serious fun at the same time!

The recipes in this blog, while sometimes challenging, have been crafted in a way that they should be very approachable step by step, and super delicious!

This blog is geared towards people who already have a passion for food and cooking, and genuinely like pleasing people with amazing food.

I hope that by continuing to read this blog you will feel more comfortable and confident to try new recipes, learn about the secret tips and tricks we use in today’s kitchen, and share awesome food with the ones you care about most.

Thank you for stopping by EFB and Bon Appétit!

Chef Kevin